Nursing Services

The district employs a school nurse two partial days each week. The nurse is also available for specific health related appointments. The school nurse performs health-related screenings (vision and hearing), coordinates special health-related presentations and assists with specific health needs of students.

The administration of medication at school is regulated by state law. The school nurse oversees the administration of all medicine. All student medication must be kept in the school office unless specific arrangements are made for the child to keep the medication with them.

School personnel are prohibited from administering any type of medication without written permission and instructions; the permission form must be signed by the child’s parent/guardian and the child’s physician.

The school cannot provide aspirin or over-the-counter medicine (decongestants, cough syrup, cough drops) to students. These types of medications must be provided by the parent and kept at the school under the same conditions as prescription medicine.

If your student has special medical needs, an Emergency Care Plan must be in place. Please call the school to make an appointment with the school nurse.

Resources for Parents

Rachel Henderson

Rachel Henderson
School Nurse
(509) 656-2317  Ext 324