Every week one elementary student is honored for demonstrating exceptional qualities in the classroom.  Students may be honored for citizenship, leadership, attendance, and more.

November 8th

Leah with Ms. Allenbaugh, 6th grade

November 15th

Dillon with Mrs. Kretschman, 2nd Grade

October 5th

Callie with Mrs. Houle, 1st Grade

October 11th

Skye with Mrs. Allenbaugh, 6th Grade

October 18th

Ruby with Mrs. Kretschman, 3rd Grade

October 25th

Kimberly with Ms. Coburn, 5th Grade

September 23rd

Ashton with Mrs. Kretschman, 3rd Grade

September 29th

Dixie with Mrs. Coburn, 4th Grade