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Associated Student Body (ASB)

The ASB offers financial support and sponsors sports, clubs and school activities.  The cost of an ASB card is $25.

ASB officers are elected at the end of each school year. To be eligible students must have and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher, may not have any suspensions during the two previous semesters or during their term in office, and must meet citizenship requirements. Students who breach the code of conduct may be removed from office.

Officer Student
President Loreydy Santiago
Vice President Kaylin Aper
Secretary David Hamilton
Treasurer Madison Aper

ASB Advisor: Jenny Jensen

See ASB Year-End Fund Balance Sheet Reports on the Public Information page.

Hot Diggity Dog – January 2021

Loreydy Santiago, President

ASB President

Kaylin Aper, Vice President

ASB Secretary

David Hamilton, Secretary

ASB Treasurer Madison Aper

Madison Aper, Treasurer

Recent ASB Events

Baking with Betsy – April 2021

Cookie Baking Class with Betsy
with students participated on Zoom

Winners of Baking with Betsy

Elementary Winner: Savannah
Secondary Winner: Madison & Kaylin

Drive-In Movie Night