• All Easton Secondary School Students
  • Mrs. Van Lone, Miss Lewis, Miss Cox, Mrs. Simonson


  • Math Trail. Our day will begin with a guided Campus Tour by CWU personnel. The remainder of the day, students will work in teams led by teachers and chaperones, blazing Math Trails!
  • A Math Trail is a scavenger hunt and math problem-solving investigation. Each “next location” on the Math Trail has an open ended problem to solve that is relevant to the location. There are no “right” answers, but there are good answers.
  • This activity lays a foundation for the math learning we will accomplish throughout the rest of our first semester math classes. The thinking, ideas, and conclusions made “on the trail” will become a starting point for each new Unit in the math curriculum.


  • Central Washington University


  • September 28, 2022
  • Bus departs Easton School at 9:15 AM and returns by 3:00 PM


  • Students’ families must complete and deliver the attached Field Trip form to the school office no later than 09/26/2022
  • Students need to be outfitted appropriately for a long walk.
  • Lunch will be provided for those who request it. Students may bring their own lunch if they prefer.


Download the  Field Trip Permission form and return to Mrs. Van Lone ASAP!   English   Español