Two P.E. classes were introduced to the Kittitas County Search and Rescue during March.

Attending from Kittitas County  Search and Rescue  (KCSR):
Deputy Ellis Nale- coordinator for SAR and did the main talk
Deputy McBride – works with Nale
Deena – SAR volunteer is on the dog team- demonstrated the dogs skill at searching out an individual
Forest – SAR volunteer – volunteered in high school on the Explorer Search and Rescue Team and still is involved with SAR
Nale explained the importance of having a plan before going on any outdoor trip.
  • He provided a list of the 10 essential items a person must take and discussed the importance of each of them.
  • Do not go alone on any trip.
  • Plan  to take extra supplies to stay overnight if you are going on a day trip.
  • Leave information with someone where you are going and when you will return in case something did happen.  And do not change your plan at the last minute unless you can contact someone with the change.
Nale then explained what Search and Rescue (SAR) does when someone has not returned. He discussed the many different teams a volunteer could join.
  • Communications
  • Ground Team
  • Backcountry Ground Team
  • Winter Backcountry Ground Team
  • Horse Team
  • Snowmobile Team
  • ORV Team
  • Dog (K9) Team
  • UAS Team
  • Explorer Search and Rescue Team
KCSR has over 60 volunteer search and rescue personnel.   eputy Nale discussed or showed some of the equipment they use… side by side, four wheelers, beacons, snowmobiles, avalanche airbag, drones, toboggan, dogs, and stretchers.  Funding for SAR comes from fundraisers and state funds.
Deena is on the K9 team and had her dog demonstrate how they work when finding an individual.  Deena is a nurse, liked to hike and joined SAR.  She then got interested in working on the K9 team. She has trained 3 dogs to date.
Forest discussed the Explorer Search and Rescue Team as an opportunity for 9-12th graders to join and be part of this unique community. Being involved with SAR would look great on one’s resume. He also demonstrated how quickly an avalanche beacon works.
For more information on KCSR see Or contact:

Ellis Nale
Search & Rescue Coordinator
(509) 962-7525