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School Board

Board members are elected officials who serve a four-year term.  Applicants for the school board must be registered voters in the Easton School District and live within the district boundaries.  Applications for a school board position are available at the school office.  Applicants will be interviewed by the existing board.  When the interview process is complete, the school board will call for an Executive session to discuss and decide on an applicant.  After accepting the position, the chosen applicant will be sworn in as an appointed board member.

The school board meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 6:30pm at the school.

The Easton School Board also holds regularly scheduled workshops on the second Tuesday of each month. 


2015-2016 School Board Members

Kathy Stratton
Chairman of the Board
Position #4

Ken Everaert
Vice Chair
Position #5

Anna Dodge
Position #2

Chris Helgeson

Lynn Lopez

Easton School Board
left to right: Ken Everaert, Lynn Lopez,
Kathie Stratton, Anna Dodge, Chris Helgeson

School Board Policies

See the policies of the board on the School Board Policies page.


Board Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015
January 27, 2015
February 10, 2015 - Board Workshop
February 24, 2015
March 10, 2015
March 24, 2015
April 28, 2015
May 26, 2015
June 23, 2015
July 28, 2015
August 25, 2015
September 22, 2015
October 11, 2015
October 13, 2015
October 27, 2015
November 24, 2015

December 15, 2015 - Agenda
January 26, 2016 - Agenda


Archived School Board Minutes


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